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Enrollment     Fees


Enrollment is divided into trimesters.
(Exact dates may vary.)

  • Fall/Winter — September – December
  • Winter/Spring — January – May
  • Summer — June – August

Each family can schedule any combination of days at any time during a trimester to fit their child’s needs as long as the class is not full on the day(s) requested.

Once enrolled for a trimester, registration fees will be accepted and payment will be expected for the scheduled day(s) in that trimester even if the child is absent.

After your child is enrolled, the registration fee and forms have been collected and the trimester has commenced, you are obligated for that trimesters enrollment period and fees. A minimum two week notice is required if a child is going to stop attending classes for the following trimester.

There will be a two week adjustment period when a child is first enrolled to determine if the child is adapting to the class. If a child is not going to continue after the first two weeks, payment for the first two weeks will be expected and termination for the trimester will be complete.

If payment is not received for a scheduled week or month, written notice will be provided to that family stating that the payment is due. If not paid within one week’s time, participation for the child will be suspended until payment is received. If payment is not received within a two week period, enrollment for that child will be terminated and the remaining trimester fees will be due in full. Upon termination, the director may fill the vacant space with a child on the waiting list.

If a family does not pay in the two week period and loses the enrollment space, they may enroll again for a trimester session so long as their outstanding balance is paid, and they must also pay the registration fee again.

The following items are needed before a child can begin class.

  • Child Enrollment Application
  • Certificate of Child Health Examination (IL444-4737) - dated less than 6 months prior to enrolling
  • Emergency Medical Form
  • Handbook Acknowledgement - last page of Enrollment Application with signatures
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • DCFS Summary of Regulations of Receipt

To access these forms and handbook, go to the Forms page. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

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