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Items Needed for Class

  • A water bottle, filled prior to arrival.
  • Pull-ups, wipes, change of clothes for children still potty training.
  • Please make sure all items are marked with the child’s name.

Illness and Absences — Student

  • Please call the center and report if your child will not be attending due to illness. Do not send your child if he or she has had a persistent cough, fever, diarrhea, or vomiting in the previous 24 hours.
  • If your child will be absent for other reasons, please call to report the times he or she will be gone at 630-466-8668.
  • Payment is still required when children miss a scheduled class.
  • If your child becomes ill during class or needs to go home, a parent will be called to come and pick them up. If the parent is not available, the next person on the contact list will be called until someone is available to come.

Closure Due to Teacher Illness or Absence

  • Parents will be notified as soon as possible if teacher will be unable to teach a class due to illness or other absence. She will notify parents by one or more of the following: email, phone call, or Facebook to allow parents to make other arrangement for their child that day.
  • The Center will need to be closed since there will not be another qualified teacher to take over classroom duties.
  • In the event of the assistant illness or absence, if possible, a substitute assistant and/ or volunteer parent will be called upon to step in to keep the class numbers in compliance.


  • Communication will be shared in-person, via email, phone, or Facebook.
  • If your child will not be attending a scheduled day or if you have questions, please call 630-466-8668.
  • Email will be used to communicate with parents about events and the child's progress.
  • Any conference times may be arranged before or after class.

Guidance and Discipline

All involvement with children will be carried out in a positive, patient manner. Redirection will be utilized to correct behaviors that are not acceptable. There will be no time that aggressive talk or behaviors will be allowed. If a child is not behaving appropriately, these steps will be followed:

  1. The child will be talked to and told what the expected behavior is.
  2. If after being told how to correct the behavior it still continues, then the child will be redirected to a different age-appropriate activity.
  3. Then, if a behavior would continue, the child would be asked to sit apart from the activity for a several minutes to allow time to redirect the behavior and have the situation explained.
  4. If a child displays the following behaviors, parents/caregivers would be contacted to come and pick up their child.

The parents will be involved in the guidance and discipline process by meeting with the preschool director after class to discuss the behavior that needs correcting. If the behavior persists, then the parents and director will meet and come up with a behavior plan such as a reward system or charting/documenting the behavior over the course of an agreed amount of time.

The child will be involved in the guidance and discipline process by discussing the behavior with the director. After discussing and explaining why the behavior is unwanted or unsafe, the child will agree to the measures taken to improve the behavior. The child will become aware of consequences previously agreed upon with the parents, if the behavior were to persist.

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